Mail2SMS: Get the most out of your short messages

Mail2SMS: Get the most out of your short messages

SMS messages can be utilized for daily business in a wide variety of ways – to communicate with employees, to notify customers or to direct the sales field force. It is especially easy if you use Retarus Mail2SMS. This service enables users to send SMS directly from the work desk, via their regular mail clients. The recipient’s cell phone number simply needs to be entered into the address field of the email, followed by a previously defined ending (e.g.: The text of the message can be entered directly in the subject line. Send it off … done!

Wide range of functions for perfect SMS delivery

But of course that is not all. Mail2SMS can do a lot more. By using parameters for instance, which are added directly into the subject line, the sender can influence the type and time of transmission.
For example, when entering the parameter [SRC:Companyname] in the subject line, the company’s name will be displayed as the sender ID rather than the sender’s phone number. A delivery notification can be activated by adding [DN:ON]. The period for which the SMS is valid can also be defined in this way (e.g. [VALIDITY:2] for 2 hours).

You can find out more about the wide range of functions offered by Retarus Mail2SMS by clicking here or directly from your local Retarus contact person.

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