Personalized newsletter: Just a few steps to your customized holiday mail

For a large part of the population (some might sarcastically say the male part) seasonal holidays such as Christmas always seem to come upon us surprisingly suddenly. Occasionally we may hear of one amongst us who, with the help of the calendar, has managed to accurately predict the forthcoming festive season, but this does not alter the fact that come December the shops are once again crowded with people who are desperately looking for assistance and gifts. All of them on the search for the perfect gift and the last greeting card on the shelf.

Season’s greetings from the CEO

While this ritual may be limited to the private life, in reality it’s not much different in the office. Here too, the festive planning usually suffers in the face of daily business – with all its to-do lists and deadlines associated with the end of the calendar year. So it’s all the more important that at least the season’s greetings from the head of the company and the invitation to the Christmas party are not neglected in the mad rush.

Messaging platform with customized layout

Online messaging platforms such as Retarus WebExpress are thus an especially welcome and useful support in communicating with staff and customers. The web-based services guarantee not only the reliable delivery of email campaigns to large distribution lists, but also allow the messages to be personalized in only a few easy steps. Thanks to HTML-based messages there is virtually no limit to your creativity – just as with traditional Christmas cards.

Free email templates for Retarus WebExpress

WebExpress TemplateIn order to save even more valuable time, Retarus WebExpress is this year offering users several easy-to-adapt email templates to use for the holiday season and the start of the New Year. This means that companies can approach their digital season’s greetings without the usual stress: simply choose a template, adapt it to represent your corporate identity, upload the appropriate distribution list and send off your season’s greetings. On request, the experts at Retarus will also be pleased to design and adapt the HTML templates for you, or even take over the entire transmission during the rest of the year. Find out more about Retarus Broadcast Fullservice or the online messaging platform Retarus WebExpress by clicking on these links. Your local Retarus contact person would also be glad to provide assistance.

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