Seamless communication processes via the SAP Cloud

Seamless communication processes via the SAP Cloud

Be it offers, orders, customer or delivery documents, alerts, invoices or transport requests: in many companies business communication still takes place via decentralized infrastructures, inflexible solutions or outdated equipment. Especially during peak times, the reliable and speedy processing of high data volumes is therefore almost impossible.

Companies increasingly changing over to the SAP Cloud

However, things are moving. A rising number of companies have realized that also with regard to these business processes, the solution lies in the cloud: This development can be observed particularly with regard to SAP solutions. Many companies have already moved large parts of their processes, for instance financial accounting, controlling or production scheduling to the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. In 2014 the company registered a growth in turnover of 45 percent for their cloud services. With more than 70 million users, SAP is therefore one of the world’s largest cloud services providers, by their own account.

Efficient communications

Migrating to the cloud allows companies to bundle and consolidate communication processes across all channels, and send data and messages directly from their SAP systems: for this purpose, Retarus provides specific Cloud Messaging Services, which enable documents and customer information to be smoothly transmitted directly from SAP via fax, email, SMS and EDI. Due to the direct connection of the SAP infrastructure to the service provider, it is not only possible to provide automated direct debit pre-notifications and break down bookings into individual items, or transmit time-critical orders, invoices or transport requests quickly and reliably. It is also possible to communicate with end customers, for example via SMS, without much cost or effort in order to notify them of delivery status, provide booking and order confirmations, conduct product recalls or send late payment reminders. All that is required is an IP connection with the service provider – with Retarus’ SAP-certified services the connection is completed in no time at all via RFC and BC-SMTP. Documents are then transmitted by email, fax, SMS or EDI directly via Retarus’ infrastructure.

Secure business communications via SNC

It is equally important to protect business-critical or personal data which is exchanged with colleagues, customers and suppliers from unauthorized access. By using Secure Network Communications (SNC) companies can efficiently secure the communication coming out of their SAP systems. For many enterprises – particularly those in the finance sector – this is actually a mandatory requirement for all SAP connections with external systems. That’s why Retarus being a messaging service provider specializing in SAP additionally supports connections via SNC. As a part of the SAP Netweaver system architecture, the software layer facilitates the use of strong authentication as well as encryption, making it a reliable alternative to VPN. While firewall specialists are usually required when setting up conventional VPN connections, SAP specialists can install SNC independently. Learn more about Retarus’ Messaging Services and email, SMS, EDI and fax from SAP or get in touch directly with your local Retarus contact person.

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