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Internet of Things: Finding the best way of getting the message through

Seamlessly connect products with customers, machines with service technicions, suppliers with production processes – IoT scenarios crucially require dependable, highly performant information logistics.

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WannaCry? Stop ransomware. Now.

Increase your protection by 40% instantly. Increase it even more with a combination of protection and detection. Protect yourself from ransomware.

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Retarus Enterprise Fax APIs

For developers who want more than just an interface.

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Your business is global.
How about your messaging?

For global corporations, secure and efficient communications make a vital contribution towards success. Retarus Cloud Messaging Services provide the tools for achievement.

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From ISDN to All IP & sddnly prblms fxng?

Packet loss always seem to crop up when transmitting data in IP networks.
Not a big problem for telephony. But definitely for faxing.

It's time to guarantee your fax quality.

Successful transmission: Your business SMS

Express delivery of SMS to all mobile networks around the world – with Retarus Cloud SMS Services you send short messages straight from your desktop or business applications.

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Prepared for GDPR?

Retarus’ services will not only be compliant with GDPR by May 25th, 2018, but are today already helping companies and authorities to implement the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.

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Fax APIs for developers

Send and receive faxes with mobile apps or web applications. We offer you the perfect interface for the professional use of faxes for your enterprise-related needs.

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Solutions for banks

Private banks, cooperative banks, savings banks and specialized institutions such as automotive banks and settlement banks optimize their communications-based business processes with Retarus’ services.

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