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Statement on Russian assault against Ukraine

Dear Customers and Website Visitors,

We are appalled by Russia's war against Ukraine, an assault which is increasingly being directed against the civilian population on a massive scale. It is unjustifiable. It is also shocking to see how effectively the narrative of Russian state propaganda is catching on, even in Germany and other European countries.

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It is not yet clear what impact cyberattacks perpetrated in this war will have beyond Ukraine. For our business continuity and our customers, we have set up a staff that is actively monitoring the threat situation and possible attacks on our infrastructure. We have countermeasures ready. Additionally, our new "Geo-IP" feature in Pre-Delivery Logic provides an easy-to-enable protection to identify and block emails from the Russian Federation.

We sincerely hope that all acts of war will quickly cease and negotiations will lead to a lasting peace in freedom.

Martin Hager
Founder and CEO of Retarus


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