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Appointment Management Samedi Notifies Patients Using Retarus’ Transactional Email and SMS

German e-health company samedi helps medical facilities and their patients coordinate care. Communication is handled by Retarus’ Transactional Email and Enterprise SMS.

Initial situation

In Search of a Data Protection-Compliant and Secure Solution

Since 2008, samedi has supported medical practices, clinics, and care centers with digitalization solutions. Offering innovative software-as-a-service, the e-health company relieves staff of administrative tasks and proactively engages patients in their treatment process. Their stated goal is to make treatment coordination simple, secure, and efficient for everyone involved by using digital services, from admission and treatment to referral management.

The personal and medical information samedi processes is sensitive and requires special protection. From the very start, medical facilities have been connected via a specially developed end-to-end encryption system protected by a European patent — a system that combines symmetric and asymmetric processes. To protect communication with patients as well, samedi required a data protection-compliant and secure solution.


Privacy Compliance and Cloud Delivery

Due to the strict data privacy laws of the European Union, Berlin-based samedi was determined to find a cloud messaging provider with a footprint in the EU and the ability to abide by any local regulatory requirements such as the GDPR. This landed Retarus directly on their shortlist.

As a privately owned company with multiple locations across the globe, Retarus guarantees locally compliant data processing in self-operated data centers that can be audited at any time. The information security management system (ISMS) Retarus uses is audited according to SOC 2 Type II and complies with all industry-specific data regulations. Retarus’ Munich data center – where all samedi data is processed – is additionally certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017. Therefore, Retarus was able to fully meet samedi’s wishes and expectations.

“Like samedi, Retarus places great importance on data protection and compliance. Modern programming interfaces made it easy to integrate the services into our platform and they were up and running quickly and reliably.”

Michael Siebert // Chief Principal Engineer (CPE), samedi GmbH


Onboarding in Just Two Days

After a thorough review, samedi decided to replace their former email service provider. The decision for Transactional Email allowed Retarus’ implementation department to immediately prove how fast they work. Retarus completed the onboarding within just two days — a time-critical task, because samedi was, among other things, commissioned as the technology partner for the COVID-19 vaccination appointment booking for the German federal state of Saarland.

Following its positive experience with sending emails, samedi later switched to Retarus’ Enterprise SMS as well. Just like with its emails, samedi thus benefits from the reliable and fast delivery of text messages, in particular thanks to Retarus’ active carrier management. Features such as the move-up option (a notification if an earlier appointment becomes available) require this kind of reliable and fast delivery for smooth processes both in healthcare facilities and for patients.

Retarus Products in Use


Reputation Management Ensures Deliverability

With Retarus Transactional Email, samedi benefits from first-class delivery rates, among other things. This is thanks to comprehensive reputation management including support for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, a “feedback loop” to prevent resending to recipients who have flagged a message as spam, and blocklist prevention with reconciliation for more than 50 providers of blocklists worldwide. Retarus also guarantees throughput/bandwidth for transactional messages as defined in service level agreements (SLAs).

With Retarus Enterprise SMS, Retarus enables express dispatch, transferring to the mobile carrier within milliseconds as well as quality routing with active multi-carrier management.

Both communication channels offer virtually unlimited scalability as well as transparency and reporting for each individual message sent. Admins at samedi can monitor booked services in real time in the myEAS web-based portal. And should they be needed, local Retarus support is available around the clock.

Key Facts

  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Easy integration via REST-API
  • Local, auditable data centers
  • Guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs)

Complete Patient Communication via Retarus

Samedi has integrated Retarus Transactional Email and Enterprise SMS into its platform and uses them to manage all its customers’ patient communications securely, legally compliant, and with exceptional performance. This allows the company to focus on its core business — software for clinics and medical practices. Samedi can rest assured on the fact that Retarus processes all data in full compliance with the GDPR as well as all industry-specific privacy regulations and only in self-operated local data centers.

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