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WhitepaperHealthcare and Secure Document Delivery – The Future of Fax

Maximize Your Compliance Approach and Reduce Data Breach Risks by Leveraging Retarus HIPAA Compliant Cloud Fax Services.


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The Transmission of Sensitive Information Has Never Been Simpler.

A single act of non-compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) can cost a company millions of dollars per incident. HIPAA regulations have mandated the healthcare industry to reevaluate their existing models of data transmission. Ease of access to health information online or mismanagement of private documentation transmitted over a fax machine makes it a challenge for the healthcare providers to safeguard highly sensitive patient data.

Strict HIPAA, HITECH regulations are the reason why good old faxing is still around. Like healthcare, faxing has evolved over the years from mismanaged paper transmissions to a more secure and compliant digital format. Mark Malone, a long-time participant and contributor in the computer-based and cloud-based Fax (CBF) industry outlines the importance of vetting cloud providers to ensure a rock solid HIPAA compliant fax solution.

Download this whitepaper to discover how healthcare providers can fulfill their compliance objectives with Retarus’ HIPAA compliant fax services and safeguard sensitive patient healthcare information from a technical, physical and administrative standpoint.

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