A Case for Enterprise SMS

A Case for Enterprise SMS

We’ve recently been inundated with customer requests for our SMS services. They all involve two key requirements: the reliable delivery of messages and GDPR compliance. With the Retarus Enterprise SMS Services, we meet these needs and offer a host of additional features.

Reliable delivery of enterprise SMS – worldwide and GDPR compliant

Especially when it comes to challenging situations, such as an accident or a fire, delivering messages dependably, quickly and confidentially is of crucial importance for the communication with customers. That’s why one of our customers, an international travel insurance company, has placed its trust in the Enterprise SMS Services provided by Retarus. In addition to replacing old legacy technologies and improving the service portfolio, the main challenge was to find an enterprise texting solution to reliably reach customers across Europe on their mobile devices, while ensuring the security of sensitive personal data (GDPR).

Apart from a quick, uncomplicated connection using standard APIs, in this case it was also important to facilitate two-way communication in which the responses could be routed.

Benefits of enterprise SMS: Improved Customer Satisfaction, Lower Call Center Costs, Local and International Support

When it’s really crucial that the message is safely received, other services are still unable to match the classic SMS. Yet SMS providers are not all of the same caliber. While many may promise to fulfill the requirements set out in the case above, at Retarus we can provide evidence with our Enterprise SMS service.

The Retarus Enterprise SMS Services ensure reliable, speedy transmission of messages, which has enabled the travel insurance company to boost customer satisfaction. What’s more, the automated communication has now made it possible to reduce call center costs. In general, our customer was able to improve its agility and is now in a position to implement and connect new processes or platforms at any time. And should the need for assistance arise, our multilingual local and global support experts are available 24/7.

The travel insurance company is just one of many long-standing customers placing their trust in the Retarus Enterprise SMS Services. Find out more about what makes this solution for enterprise text exceptional, in addition to reliable, GDPR-compliant delivery, in this blog post or directly from your local Retarus representative.

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