A Few Words About Internet Connectivity

A Few Words About Internet Connectivity

At Retarus, we attach great importance to the professional connection of our data centers to the internet.

Among other things, the DCs in our Global Delivery Network are deliberately located close to internet exchanges to ensure optimum connectivity and the shortest possible distances.

“There is no such thing as an absolutely trouble-free Internet connection. To ensure that customers of Retarus do not have to rely upon chance, we use three different tier 1 carriers / internet service providers to connect our data centers to the internet. The feeds into the data centers are redundantly designed so that ‘single points of failure’ are avoided,” explains Martin Hager, Founder CEO, Retarus.

Martin Hager, Founder CEO, Retarus

“The IP addresses used belong to Retarus and are therefore not bound to an internet service provider. If an ISP has a fault, then the operation continues smoothly over the other connections and our customers will not even notice. The capacities are designed so generously that trouble-free operation is guaranteed even with only one functioning ISP.”

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