Birthday Greetings of a Modern Kind

Birthday Greetings of a Modern Kind

In these times of pandemic and working from home, many employers are looking for new ways of communicating with their staff. To bridge the gap, an internationally active logistics company has come up with an original idea.

Addressing employees personally, even in the home office

The company has recently started congratulating its employees on their birthdays – by way of an SMS sent using Retarus’ Enterprise SMS Services. While a text message can never fully replace the clinking of glasses with colleagues, it nevertheless imparts a feeling of belonging and facilitates the bonding and cohesion that are so important in times of crisis.

When it comes to the quick, reliable, GDPR-compliant delivery of messages all over the world, SMS has a clear advantage over other channels of communication. As the messages are transmitted over the GSM cellular network, the communication partner doesn’t need to have internet reception. And due to the remarkably high coverage offered by the mobile phone network, a sender can reach their recipients no matter where in the world they may be. What’s more, around 95% of recipients open an SMS within 3 minutes. For this reason, there is also a very wide variety of scenarios for which SMS services are perfectly suited in the corporate context – for instance, announcing changes in shift times or working locations, alerting in case of service disruption and incidents, or sharing one-time authentication codes for VPN login.

Find out which other ways using Retarus SMS Services can benefit your company here or directly from your local Retarus representative.

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