Cloud-delivered Security: Retarus receives top ratings from KuppingerCole

Cloud-delivered Security: Retarus receives top ratings from KuppingerCole

In the latest “Cloud-delivered Security” Market Compass issued by analyst firm KuppingerCole, Retarus is the only EU-based provider to be represented and awarded top ratings in six relevant out of eight categories. This places Retarus in the same league as sector giants Akamai, Cisco, and Broadcom/Symantec, even outperforming them in certain assessment criteria.

The analysts at KuppingerCole highlight the Retarus Secure Email Platform as a highly specialized, comprehensive service. The top rating was achieved for email security, with its range of functions being characterized as “full-stack” and “complete” in the Market Compass. The full suite of features received top marks; starting with essential functions such as traffic management, anti-malware detection and antispam/spoofing protection, going on to advanced functions such as AI-based anti-phishing, advanced threat protection such as CxO fraud and sandboxing, and all the way through to detecting previously unknown threats.

Retarus also received the top rating “Strong Positive” in the data protection, usability, and deployment categories.  Interoperability and overall security were rated “Positive”. The Retarus Secure Email Platform’s full compliance with the GDPR (Europe’s strict data protection regulation) was explicitly highlighted as a strength in the Market Compass. Moreover, the analysts consider the wide-ranging opportunities for automation offered by Retarus’ services to be a key strength, as well as running its own infrastructures in the commercially crucial Europe, USA, and Asia regions.

For more information, please see our latest press release. In addition, we offer you the Market Compass “Cloud-delivered Security” from KuppingeCole as a free download.

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