Comprehensive update for Retarus Email Archive

Comprehensive update for Retarus Email Archive

Our Email Archive for the tamper-proof, long-term storage of messages is now available in a new version with improved functions, hybrid encryption and even higher performance as part of the modular Secure Email Platform.

The Retarus Email Archive stores inbound and outbound messages – optionally also the internal email traffic – in the original format, including SMTP information. Thanks to parallel processing, there are no delays in delivery. The electronic correspondence is placed in Retarus’ highly available, redundant data centers in Europe and protected from unauthorized access through hybrid encryption. Customers can also use their own encryption keys.

By way of powerful search functions, administrators are able to access and retrieve archived emails within 5.1 milliseconds on average through just a few clicks, even from a huge email archive containing 75 million stored messages – and even if the employee has left the company in the meanwhile, or the email account has been deleted.

Emails containing sensitive information, for instance from works council members or job applicants, can be excluded entirely from archiving. All access and read operations are logged in full detail, ensuring that the company’s electronic communication remains tamper-proof and audit ready. Messages are archived and retrievable for ten years or until the end of the contract period, in line with the statutory requirements for retaining records, after which they are deleted in compliance with the law.

The transfer of data from and to the customer’s IT infrastructure is already encrypted. Each email is examined thoroughly for malware with Retarus’ Email Security services, prior to being placed in the archive. Encrypted inbound messages are likewise decrypted by the Retarus Email Encryption service centrally via the cloud platform, before being placed in the archive which is itself, in turn, encrypted. As opposed to decrypting messages on the user’s client, this ensures future access to the message at any time.

For more details, please take a look at our recent press release.


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