Connect Retarus E-Mail for Applications with Salesforce

Connect Retarus E-Mail for Applications with Salesforce

With the latest Salesforce winter release, it has now become possible to use Retarus E-Mail for Applications to send emails directly out of the software.

In this case our E-Mail for Applications service is connected with Salesforce by means of an SMTP adapter. This could present an interesting alternative especially for users with high volumes of email – using Salesforce’s own email function the full capacity is reached at 1 million messages a day.

Apart from the sheer volume of email, the Retarus software also scores highly in other respects. For instance, to the best of our knowledge E-Mail for Applications is the only service on the planet that guarantees throughput by way of a Service Level Agreement. The certification by the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) also ensures high delivery rates with ISP giants around the globe, such as Microsoft including Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo or even Yandex. We generally attach great value to maintaining an excellent sender reputation for your mass email transmission. Our high-performance technology is complemented by multilingual, highly competent support, which is available around the clock (24/7) and can be reached by telephone, email, as well as our EAS portal (Enterprise Administration Services).

You can find out more about Retarus E-Mail for Applications on our website or directly from your local Retarus representative.

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