Cyberattack leaves Berlin university without email access

Cyberattack leaves Berlin university without email access

The Berlin University of Applied Sciences and Technology (BHT) is currently cut off from the digital world. Both website and email server at the German capital’s second largest university of applied sciences have been disconnected after falling victim to hackers.

According to a report in the “Tagesspiegel” (Google machine translation) daily, the university was recently the target of a ransomware attack. In such cases, organizations are often forced to shut down all their computer systems completely. Several weeks or even months may pass before they can be restored for regular operation from backups which are hopefully available and up-to-date, the digital ransom has been paid to the attackers, or the systems have been rebuilt from scratch. When TU Berlin, another major university in Germany, was hacked by the Conti ransomware gang in 2021, for instance, they not only had confidential data stolen but were also impacted by the failure of several systems, including the campus cards required for the library and public transport ticket. In addition, university staff and students were only able to communicate via a provisional emergency email system for several months.

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