Efficient Communication Processes in the Supply Chain

Efficient Communication Processes in the Supply Chain

Modern communication solutions for global manufacturing companies have to perform a wide variety of tasks these days. It has to connect suppliers and customers as securely as possible to ERP systems or legacy applications, and also integrate communication seamlessly into the company’s own production processes.

Complex management and handling of processes places high demands on companies

From plastics to the automotive industry: Every day, manufacturing companies receive thousands of messages by fax, email and letter, which need to be sorted, processed, manually entered into the ERP system and finally archived. With each delivery, the recipient must reliably be provided with a delivery notification by means of email or fax. For security reasons, many customers, moreover, require CAD files to be transmitted via non-standard protocols or individualized communication protocols.

The handling of processes in a semi-automated way can soon prove to be a competitive disadvantage. However, automated processes developed in-house often prove unreliable under heavy workloads and frequently result in undesired delays in business processes, in addition to causing high processing costs.

Integration of any chosen application formats

To ensure a secure and efficient management of all EDI-based, electronic communication processes, a growing number of industrial enterprises are trusting in Retarus. With Retarus’ Managed EDI Services inbound data can be converted into the appropriate, predefined target format irrespective of the source format, in order to automatically be processed further in any ERP system. To achieve this, Retarus offers a comprehensive portfolio of formats that facilitate quick and uncomplicated business process transactions for all participants in the supply and logistics chain – even if they are running differing IT systems.

A direct connection with Retarus’ data centers allows business-critical data to be exchanged between all business partners efficiently and with a high degree of transaction security via EDI, significantly optimizing the logistics chain. Retarus Managed EDI Services moreover support virtually all applicable local and industry-specific standards, for example those of the German Association of the Automobile Industry (VDA) for the management of electronic data interchange processes, which have in the meanwhile been made compulsory for companies in the automobile sector.

Process optimization in the automobile sector thanks to Retarus EDI Services

Argomm, one of the leading manufacturers of plastic components for the automobile industry, is one of many companies trusting in Retarus’ EDI Services to optimize its communication processes. With the help of EDI services the automobile supplier aims to achieve considerable savings with regard to delivery times while still maintaining maximum levels of flexibility. What’s more, the automobile supplier is meeting the needs of its customers, who increasingly consider the use of EDI as an essential criterion in choosing a partner. Thanks to Retarus’ Managed EDI Services the company has improved its relations with partners significantly. By now 18 customers and roughly 50 production sites have been connected with Argomm via Retarus’ services.

You can find out more about Retarus Managed EDI Services by clicking here or directly from your local Retarus contact person.

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