New Developments in Retarus Email Security

New Developments in Retarus Email Security

As part of the ongoing development of our services, Retarus Email Security has just been equipped with two new functions: a whitelist for the CxO Fraud Detection service and address rewriting for inbound messages.

CxO Fraud Detection is one component in the ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) package offered by Retarus Email Security and effectively prevents phishing by means of so-called CEO fraud. If you have booked this service, you now have the option of removing selected email addresses or entire domains from the screening process for no extra charge. The dedicated whitelist employed for this purpose is totally independent of that used for the anti-spam module and ensures that no messages will unintentionally be quarantined by the CxO Fraud Detection module.

Address Rewriting provides assistance if you want or need to redirect specific externally known email addresses to differing internal addresses in order to place inbound emails in other inboxes of your choice. We are now able to implement this requirement even more effortlessly. Potential use scenarios include mergers & acquisitions, stepwise introduction of cloud email or simply a more uniform brand presence.

Both features have to be set up by Retarus for the time being. If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch with your Retarus contact person.


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