Patient Zero Detection: move or delete harmful emails even after delivery with email clawback

Patient Zero Detection: move or delete harmful emails even after delivery with email clawback

Our internationally patented Patient Zero Detection® (PZD) service is able to not only detect malware and phishing links in emails that have already been delivered, but also to move or delete the respective emails automatically.

When new malware first appears, its signature is still unknown to even the best virus scanners. PZD uses a digital fingerprint to detect whether emails which have already been delivered contain malware or phishing links – and issues alerts accordingly. The exact wording of the alert notification can be edited, enabling easily understandable recommendations and courses of action to the impacted users. In this way, appropriate measures can be taken to protect the company without delay.  

Automated rule-based deleting of emails from local inboxes

Beyond these alerts, the complementary PZD Real-Time Response service additionally enables the findings made by Patient Zero Detection to be processed directly in accordance with rulesets, allowing potentially dangerous emails to be moved or deleted automatically from the user’s inbox.

To facilitate this function, Retarus has developed software which enables the desired rules to be configured and executed within the Exchange environment. PZD Real-Time Response provides detailed, standardized information by way of an admin notification message to facilitate automated processes for removing emails from the server.

New release available for download

Existing customers are now able to download the updated and optimized version of the software from EAS (Enterprise Administration Services), Retarus’ administration portal. Additional information and admin documentation can also be accessed there. Furthermore, the Retarus Support team is also standing by to assist customers with any additional questions.

With these services, customers benefit from a substantial reduction in their IT forensics, support, and helpdesk efforts. In short, Real-Time Response enhances the level of protection offered by Patient Zero Detection, allowing companies to react immediately and automatically to detected messages (allowing them to be clawed back).

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