Retarus and SoSafe join forces to boost user awareness

Retarus and SoSafe join forces to boost user awareness

“Attackers target people, not machines”, according to a commonly cited cyber security mantra. In a nutshell, this is precisely the trend forecast by IT industry analysts. Ultimately, it’s a company’s employees who are increasingly the focus of attacks. Sophisticated attack vectors basically “only” serve to get through to a specific person or surreptitiously gain the requisite trust of an employee by means of phishing content which appears convincingly authentic. However, the more the focus shifts to humans when it comes to attacks, the more technology and employees should also work hand in hand when it comes to defending against cyber threats. Keywords such as “human-centric design“ make a clear case for security solutions which are easy to understand and user-oriented. At the same time, CISOs are urged to consider topics such as security awareness and user education even more intensively in their IT strategies.

Partnership puts users center stage

Against this backdrop, Retarus has announced its partnership with SoSafe, a leading European provider of security awareness trainings. By combining each company’s expertise, shared customers benefit from comprehensive protection from email-based cyber threats. In the light of continually evolving methods of attack, the collaboration pursues a clear, mutual goal: Sensitizing employees with regard to email security while at the same time safeguarding the company with state-of-the-art, user-friendly technology. This is essential, as less technically adept users, in particular, still tend to underestimate the dangers and risks pertaining to digital communication. So it is all the more important to identify new patterns of attack in time to prevent harm – using transparent technology and the trained, vigilant eyes of the users.

Interactive security awareness training and attack simulation

SoSafe helps organizations to improve their security cultures and minimize cyber risks over the long term with its GDPR-compliant awareness platform. The Cologne-based company offers an interactive, user-oriented learning platform with up-to-date content, which is imparted by way of proven behavioral science methods – for instance, through microlearning, gamification and nudging. Personalized learning experiences ensure that modules can easily by integrated into the regular working day of employees. Thanks to smart phishing simulations, the knowledge learned in the modules is put to the test in real attack scenarios, which is proven to boost the memory of participants. The training is tailored to meet the specific needs of the company and covers a multitude of security-related topics – including phishing, social engineering, ransomware and malware.

Consistently including user awareness as a component of Retarus Email Security

With its email security from the cloud, Retarus safeguards even complex, demanding email landscapes reliably from cyber attacks and their dreaded consequences. Here too, raising the awareness of end-users and informing them of threats plays a key role. Detailed, easily understandable explanations about emails which have been filtered out or placed in quarantine also raise the level of security at the company. By way of the quarantine portal, each Retarus Email Security user is provided with information about their blocked messages at all times – in real time, on their desktop or mobile browser. And because communicating in the user’s native language is of vital importance in many markets and sectors, Retarus’ portal “speaks” eleven languages. In addition to details about the exact reason the message has been filtered out, Retarus’ product-side user education also includes intuitive traffic light color coding to indicate the level of threat, advanced search options (e.g., searching for attachments or reason for quarantining) and a preview of the messages which have not been delivered. This information already makes many internal IT support requests unnecessary, saving time and effort.

Multi-level protection for complex and demanding email infrastructures

Retarus’ services can be integrated seamlessly into any email system – no matter whether its in the cloud, on premises or hybrid. They secure the email system with numerous intelligent, multi-level defense mechanisms – several different antivirus engines working in parallel, phishing data from various sources as well as machine-learning supported sandboxing technology complement a range of internally developed, proprietary rule sets and algorithms as well as patented technologies for post delivery protection. In this way, customers benefit from the perfect combination of preventive protection from advanced threats such as ransomware, spear phishing or CEO fraud, and early detection and accelerated response processes when it comes to previously unknown threats.

Through their partnership, Retarus and SoSafe are aiming to support companies with high demands and expectations to build up resolute cyber resilience. The combination of security awareness training based on behavioral science and the state-of-the art technologies offered by Retarus’ Secure Email Platform reduces the risk posed by cyber attacks significantly. If you would like to find out more about this collaboration or the respective services, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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