Our spam-filter saves both time and money

Our spam-filter saves both time and money

Less spam in the inbox saves you time – and money as a consequence. Now we even show you roughly how much you are saving.

These savings can be seen on the dashboard of our monitoring tool for the E-Mail Live Search service, part of the EAS portal (Enterprise Administration Services). The actual cost of spam to the recipient is unfortunately very difficult to determine. It is unanimously agreed, however, that the largest portion of the cost is due to lost productivity.

Statistical analysis carried out by Retarus has shown that companies without a spam filter lose six to seven minutes a day per employee (an example of this in practice: 53,000 emails per day for 300 employees, of which 25,400 or 48 % are spam – taking into account an average of 4.5 seconds for the manual identification of spam, this adds up to a total of 1908 wasted minutes).

EAS Email Dashboard detail

Based on this calculation, we show our customers the approximate savings achieved over the past 24 hours as a result of spam having been filtered out. Moreover, the dashboard also informs users at a glance of both the overall amount of emails which have been processed and the number of viruses detected.

You can find more details about Retarus’ comprehensive email security services on our website or directly from your local contact person.

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