Patient Zero Detection® poised to also identify phishing attacks

Patient Zero Detection® poised to also identify phishing attacks

And on we go with our expansion of Retarus E-Mail Security as announced: Patient Zero Detection® not only makes a record of attachments to inbound emails, but now also logs the URLs contained in the messages.

In this way Patient Zero Detection® is consequently able to not only recognize malware that has already been delivered, but also phishing emails which have succeeded in reaching the inbox. From the technical perspective, we achieve this by generating hashes (check sums / hash totals) for the URLs, which are then recorded in the Patient Zero Detection® database, in addition to those created for attachments. If the same URL is later identified as a phishing attempt by a dedicated phishing filter, the administrators and optionally also the recipients will be informed about it, just as PZD already deals with attachments containing malware.

Existing Patient Zero Detection® customers will automatically be provided with the additional phishing detection service from July 2017 free of charge. Patient Zero Detection® is a sector-leading innovation, developed in-house at Retarus, which provides maximum benefit from its exceptional capabilities in combination with the fourfold scanner offered by Retarus E-Mail Security.

Retarus E-Mail-Security is a full service for virus and spam free email communication with comprehensive functions – including our new Patient Zero Detection®, which discovers infected messages retroactively in your inbox, potentially safeguarding your company against the exorbitant costs which may result.

Find out more about this powerful service here or straight from your local Retarus representative.

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