reLove Fax and Email with Retarus, HIMSS 2022

reLove Fax and Email with Retarus, HIMSS 2022

Retarus attended this year’s HIMSS conference with the theme of “reLove.” Our goal: have the booth visitors rediscover the value of fax and email for their business-critical enterprise messaging. After all, that is Retarus’ specialty. Since 1992, messaging has been their mission. Specifically taking timeless communication – fax, email, SMS – and renewing it in the cloud.

HIMSS 2022 took place in Orlando (March 14 – 18th) in person. It was exciting for the Retarus team to be able to meet with prospects, partners, and clients on a large scale. There was a lot of foot traffic to our booth. No surprise that Pac-Man created quite the competition. The attractive giveaways made a positive impact, with all of them gone by the last day. But the best part? Getting the chance to meet new people, understand their business challenges, and help them update, enhance, and improve their communications.

Many of the prospects to whom we spoke know effective fax and email are indispensable. Their daily business cannot live without it. They understand that now is the time to take the next steps in embracing modernization and to make their legacy technologies more useful through the cloud.

The Retarus team made it clear the whole week what’s to reLove about fax and email

It is not uncommon for businesses to fall out of love with their existing messaging provider. At Retarus, we know what it takes to manage successful healthcare communications. Specifically, making sure it is reliable, highly available, and secure. Our booth visitors learned why Retarus is loved by healthcare companies worldwide and how to “reLove” their fax and email in a whole new way.

Interoperability is not a technology problem, but rather a challenge that spans entire businesses. Health and patient care can be improved once efficiency and resource allocation is streamlined – free Clinicians’ hands from manually processing data so that they can focus on their patients.

Retarus make it easier for you to focus on critical business outcomes, without worrying about your communication infrastructure. With the Retarus Cloud Messaging Platform, turn unstructured documents and faxes into more relevant structures. This helps you consolidate, digitize, and automate communications for seamless and secure data transmissions. Enhance workflow automation, bolster reliability, increase security, and ensure compliance. This results in improved quality of care and the reduction of errors.

The daily scene at the booth: visitors enjoying Pac-Man, learning the immense value of the Retarus product suite, and discovering how they bring “Timeless Communication, Renewed in the Cloud” to healthcare

It goes without saying, the healthcare communication landscape is complex and it is easy to get lost in its maze. Thankfully, Retarus is here to be your guide, chasing away the ghosts of outdated communications. They know the value of data. Let Retarus show you how to harness its power across your organization, to unlock its continued value, and to reLove your fax and email!

Thank you to all who attended HIMSS 2022. Retarus looks forward to seeing you again and taking your timeless communication and renewing it in the cloud!

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