Retarus Cloud Fax API: reliable and flexible, now also via a RESTful API

Retarus Faxolution for Applications allows companies to reliably send faxes directly out of all commonly employed ERP, CRM, legacy or host applications via the Retarus cloud fax API. In addition to high levels of transmission security and availability, Retarus also attaches a great deal of importance to providing services which are highly flexible.

Retarus Fax Services now with RESTful API

This flexibility is ensured particularly through offering a great range of different communication interfaces. While many fax service customers prefer the SOAP interface, especially in the Internet Economy the trend has for some time been towards REST-based interfaces. Retarus has made a mission of always providing services on the basis of the latest standards and technologies. That’s why Retarus is now making a RESTful cloud fax API available for all outbound fax services.

The majority of online services are REST conformant

The main focus of the REST architecture (short for Representational State Transfer) is on machine-to-machine communication and web services. The advantage of REST consists of the fact that a large portion of the infrastructure required for REST is already on hand (e.g. web and application servers, HTTP-enabled clients, security mechanisms). As a result, many online services are already REST conformant per se.

In addition to the Soap and REST conformant interfaces already mentioned above, Retarus’ cloud fax services also support connection via (s)FTP, HTTP/S, MQSeries, VPN (IPSec) starting from RFC 2401 or SMTP.

You can find out more here about Retarus Faxolution for Applications or directly from your local Retarus contact person.

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