Samedi notifies patients using Retarus’ Transactional Email and SMS Services

Samedi notifies patients using Retarus’ Transactional Email and SMS Services

Berlin-based healthtech company samedi helps medical facilities coordinate care with their patients. The personal and medical information processed by samedi is sensitive and requires special protection; to get the best possible protection for their messaging, they chose Retarus’ Transactional Email and Enterprise SMS Services.

With the European Court of Justice’s Schrems II ruling, invalidating the EU’s prior adequacy decision on data transfers between the EU and US, samedi reassessed their situation, focusing on suitable partners within the EU. The services they required had to be 100% GDPR compliant and use a cloud delivery model. This put Retarus at the top of their shortlist.

After a thorough review, samedi made the decision to replace their email service provider. The change to Transactional Email allowed Retarus’ implementation department to prove just how fast it works. Retarus completed the switch within just two days. Beyond a stellar onboarding experience, samedi now benefits from first-class delivery rates, comprehensive reputation management, and guaranteed throughput/bandwidth via defined Service Level Agreements.

Following its positive experience with Retarus’ email services, samedi later switched to our Enterprise SMS Services as well. Both communication channels offer virtually unlimited scalability as well as transparency and reporting for each individual message sent.

Read the detailed customer story to learn more about samedi’s specific requirements and how Retarus exceeds expectations every step of the way.

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