Cloud SMS API: Ready for the internet economy with REST

Cloud SMS API: Ready for the internet economy with REST

An increasing number of companies are sending huge amounts of short messages with the aid of cloud services, reliably and quickly to mobile networks around the world. SMS can be sent directly from an email client, from a web browser or automatically straight out of business applications, without costly investment in additional hardware or software. While many companies have thus far preferred to use SOAP interfaces, the trend in the Internet Economy has for some time now been clearly towards REST (SMS API), short for Representational State Transfer.

Additional interface provides benefits for web services

That’s why Retarus Managed SMS Services can now also optionally be connected via REST interfaces. The advantage: Especially in the internet environment most of the infrastructure required for REST is already available (e.g. web and application servers, HTTP compatible clients, security mechanisms). Many online services are therefore already REST conformant per se.

SOAP or REST SMS API: Freedom of choice for customers

Retarus customers, however, still have the freedom to choose. SOAP will naturally still be developed in the future. And where neither of these two standards is available, it is still always possible to connect via SMTP. This flexibility as regards available interfaces does not only apply to sending out SMS. With Retarus SMS to Applications, incoming short messages can automatically be “pushed” into the relevant business application. In this way customer responses and SMS replies, for instance, can be stored directly in the CRM system, where they can be processed further.

Retarus aims to offer all messaging services on the basis of the very latest standards and technologies. That’s why we are also making a REST API available as an alternative for Retarus Faxolution for Applications.

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