Retarus Managed SMS Services

Business SMS services for desktops and applications. Swift and reliable worldwide SMS communication.

Send SMS – from any system to any network

The Retarus SMS services let you swiftly and reliably send SMS to anyone anywhere in the world from your email client, web browser, in an automated fashion from any business application such as SAP, or from your own web applications. Thanks to multiple aggregators, our infrastructure covers 99 percent of the world’s cell phone carriers while also meeting local requirements to make sure your SMS always reach their intended recipient.

Unlimited delivery capacity – no installation required

The Retarus SMS infrastructure provides you with almost unlimited delivery capacity without needing a GSM modem. The Retarus SMS services can deliver your messages to the same number of people in 30 minutes as a GSM modem would do in 36 hours. This relieves the burden on your systems so they can be used for other tasks. By the way, the Retarus SMS infrastructure hasn’t had any outages since 2005.

For the transmission of mTans and other time-critical applications, your SMS is processed and delivered within 20 milliseconds.

You have up to 10,000 characters available per SMS.

Retarus delivers your SMS via mobile and landline networks in more than 200 countries.

Delivery in just 0.02 seconds – ideal for critical applications

The Retarus SMS infrastructure can swiftly deliver SMS for critical applications such as online banking where two-factor authentication has to be carried out within a certain time. Here your SMS can be processed and sent to a cell phone carrier within 20 milliseconds so your communication partners have the information they need right after sending a request.

Successful delivery – in line with local requirements

SMS communication is highly regulated in many countries with some requiring SMS to have a reply number that can be contacted while others block SMS if they contain certain words. The Retarus communications experts in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia are well versed in these local requirements and work closely with cell phone carriers who are experts in their markets. That way Retarus makes sure your SMS always reach their intended recipient, no matter where they are in the world.

Maximum transparency – with delivery confirmation

With Retarus you automatically receive a delivery confirmation for every SMS you send. This allows you to track and document when your SMS passed through the Retarus infrastructure, when they were transferred to the cell phone carriers and, if required, when they were delivered to the recipients. That way you always have maximum control over your SMS. Easily send SMS directly from your browser.

Long and short codes – in line with international requirements

Do you need long or short codes that comply with SMS legislation in other countries or offer recipients the option to send a reply? No problem! We can acquire and register numbers for you anywhere in the world. Just ask the Retarus communication experts!

Two-way SMS for bi-directional communication

Retarus Cloud SMS Services offer you real dialog via SMS. This means you can send and receive directly via your application or email client. This bidirectional exchange of information must accommodate, among other things, fast confirmation and coordination processes with clients, partners, and colleagues, but also various other application scenarios. Retarus also provides the long and short codes needed so your communication partners can reply from anywhere in the world.

P2P, A2P and M2M – Retarus Managed SMS Services

SMS are becoming increasingly important in business communication. One reason for this is the long list of applications it provides, no matter whether you use SMS on your desktop or in business applications. Airlines use SMS to let passengers know about a change to their departure time, delivery services let customers know that their orders have been shipped, and car rental companies can send customers booking confirmations. Banks send SMS containing information required for online banking while authentication services with two-factor authentication processes send SMS containing log-in details for VPNs or online services. Recruiters use SMS to coordinate their staff while retailers can keep their field sales staff up to date. Other uses include the logistics sector, production process management, and alerts and campaigns sent directly from CRM systems. Retarus Managed SMS Services are the perfect solution for all kind of application-to-person (A2P) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications.

The benefits speak for themselves

  • Send SMS directly from business applications or desktops
  • Multiple aggregators all over the world (hyperaggregation)
  • 99 percent availability of the world’s cell phone carriers
  • No own cell phone infrastructure required (GSM modem, antenna, etc.)
  • Almost unlimited delivery capacity
  • Minimum throughput times, 20 milliseconds in express mode
  • Meets all requirements for critical applications such as alerts, online banking and two-factor authentication
  • Meets local requirements when sending SMS to other countries
  • Customizable source identifier
  • Short and long codes can be acquired anywhere in the world
  • Two-way-SMS with individual response options
  • Support for Asian, Cyrillic, Arabic and East European characters
  • Support for extra-long SMS containing up to 10,000 characters
  • Maximum control with delivery confirmations and reception status

Retarus SMS-Services – detailed service features

“The exemplary technical support and high service quality impressed us right from the very beginning of the project. Very little effort was required to incorporate the Retarus SMS services into our infrastructure.“

Helmut Haunerdinger, Network Manager, Sixt AG

Case Studies: Each customer is a recommendation

Organizations from all industries and of all sizes utilize the Retarus communication platform to optimize their business and messaging processes. Our case studies provide examples of how organizations have utilized the Retarus suite of services to meet their companies messaging requirements.

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