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Transactional Emails from SAP Solvay Integrates Customized Communication Service for SAP

The Solvay Group, one of Europe’s leading chemical companies, relies greatly on secure and dependable high-volume email communication directly from their SAP systems. Retarus’ services for SAP provide Solvay with customized solutions that combine high performance with maximum process transparency.

Initial Situation

Complex Supply Chains Require Secure Data Logistics

The Solvay Group is a multinational chemical company headquartered in Brussels. Some 21,000 employees around the world are involved in manufacturing basic chemicals such as sodium hydrogen carbonate, hydrogen peroxide, and a wide range of plastics. These products are subsequently processed further by other companies. The company’s operations require complex logistics chains that depend on parallel data logistics where messages can be reliably exchanged with all business partners directly from the company’s IT systems.


An Integrated Communication Solution for Sending Transactional Emails from SAP

In order to be able to send business emails directly from its SAP system, the Solvay Group had been searching for a secure and reliable solution which would not affect their existing email infrastructure. All emails sent from the SAP system would have to be processed by an infrastructure which is completely separate from Solvay’s existing systems. Because Solvay had already been successfully using Retarus’ certified fax service Faxolution for SAP for many years, it didn’t take them long to decide on Retarus’ service for transactional emails. Furthermore, Retarus introduced a powerful email solution which integrates seamlessly into the existing infrastructure.

“Retarus reacted swiftly to our enquiry, understood our needs and professionally implemented the project within a very short space of time.”

Patrick Brandner, Application Hosting Service Delivery Manager at Solvay SA

Primary Challenges

A Customized Communication Solution

The initial tests involving the Retarus SAP-RFC interface were promising, but it soon became clear that a standard solution would not be possible because of the presence of several non-SAP applications. The Retarus solution was quickly adjusted to ensure its seamless integration into the Solvay Group’s IT landscape. After a short additional testing phase, the solution was fully operational. The SMTP infrastructure in Retarus’ data centers now ensures that some 350,000 emails are sent from Solvay Group’s SAP system each month without any problems. The TLS connection encryption specifically requested by the Solvay Group was simultaneously integrated.


Secure Communication – Just in Time

Retarus Transactional Email enables Solvay to send a high volume of emails, messages and documents such as customer and supplier settlement documents, annual staff appraisals, alert messages on the technical infrastructure, Certificates of Analysis and Conformity, and transportation documentation directly from its ERP architecture. Retarus’ infrastructure provides maximum transaction security, availability and deliverability. Business-critical processes are not only initiated more rapidly, they are also performed with greater reliability. Thanks to the capacity-on-demand method applied by Retarus, computing power is always available as needed, allowing Solvay to avoid the costs and complexity of maintaining an internal communication infrastructure.

Key Benefits

  • Customized solution integrated into a heterogeneous IT landscape
  • Rapid implementation without the need for hardware and software investment
  • A high level of transaction security, availability and deliverability
  • Maximum process transparency

Maximum Security and Control

Since integrating Retarus’ email and fax services for SAP, the Solvay Group has had access to a secure and reliable solution for sending business documents from SAP. In addition, Solvay also benefits from a high level of cost and process transparency: real-time monitoring and reporting options enable maximum control, accountability and security for all its automated communication processes.

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