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Boost your revenue, expand your reach, and generate new opportunities- all by simply enrolling into Retarus’ Partner Program.

Retarus Partner Program

Retarus helps you modernize your client’s infrastructure with maximum ease without the stress!

Reducing complexity has always been a goal for Retarus, whether it is for a customer or a partner. When you partner with us, you partner with a trusted team that does the heavy-lifting for you. Committed to delivering innovative services to customers around the globe, our flexible business model allows you to increase sales by adding Retarus’ full suite of reliable, secure and cost-effective business solutions to your existing portfolio.
Retarus’ Partner Program goes beyond generating revenue and profits. We are known in the industry for our commitment and support in driving an opportunities all the way to a WIN. Whether you are a reseller, referral, service or technology partner, Retarus’ comprehensive portfolio of global cloud-based solutions enables you to offer your customers compatible and exceptional services. This will, in turn, generate new business, add value and assist them in establishing a competitive advantage.
The key objective of our sustainable partnership methodology is to achieve mutual success with satisfied end customers, high quality enterprise services and most importantly, trust and respect.

Benefits at a Glance

If you are a sales agent working within the channel community, a reseller hoping to improve your client’s dated infrastructure, or a wholesaler looking to increase profit margins, this partnership is perfect for you!


You are looking for …

New opportunities for your cloud portfolio
Chance to develop aggressive sales pipeline
Unmatched support in sales, marketing, and implementation
Short sales cycle for enterprise and Fortune 1000 accounts
Compliance with regulatory requirements such as HIPPA and PCI/DSS
Possibility to serve customers independently
Mutual and profitable partnership

We are the premier cloud provider for modernizing communication platforms with our industry-leading services for Fax, SMS and Transactional Email. Retarus excels in advancing digital transformation and automation without compromising on security or flexibility. Internationally recognized by leading IT analyst firms, such as Gartner, Forrester, or Radicati, our patented and powerful technologies are developed in-house. We offer custom-built business models for all our partners—without cumbersome certifications or opaque programs. Our partners and customers receive unmatched care and attention, prompting growth and success across various verticals including healthcare, finance, insurance, manufacturing, and retail.


We offer you …

A highly competitive pricing and compensation model
Improved security, service, and compliance for customers
Industry-leading technology for Cloud Fax, SMS and Transactional Email
Reduced cost and flexible contracts
Tailored partner models, even for complex customer scenarios
Options for stand-alone implementation and configuration

Become our next success story. Find your next opportunity with Retarus.

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