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Retarus Whitepaper Key Business and IT Drivers to Eliminate Internal Fax Infrastructure

Moving fax communications to the cloud eliminates expenses, minimizes the burdens of investment and process costs, and allows your business to benefit from automated processes that reduce manual data capture efforts and cost-intensive sources of error.

IT professionals know that maintaining a fax infrastructure is expensive – and they are being pushed to do more with less every day. As development, integration, operational and personnel costs continue to rise, outdated equipment and legacy systems are becoming a growing burden to many organizations. For companies looking to dramatically reduce total cost of ownership, technology analysts recommend consolidating IT infrastructures by replacing fax servers with cloud fax services. Advantages include high reliability, no capacity constraints and greater flexibility when migrating to voice over IP services. With Retarus Cloud Fax Services you obtain unlimited fax capacity without additional investment in hardware, software, maintenance, licenses or fax lines.

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