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Predelivery LogicPlay by your own rules when it comes to email.

Retarus’ Predelivery Logic puts you in the driver’s seat with your emails. With our toolbox of conditions and actions (if-then statements—you know what we’re talking about), your IT department can check, organize, reroute, and even customize your entire email traffic using rules you create.

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Predelivery Logic: more than “just” a policy engine

Keeping your unpredictable email communication channel under control has become an increasingly difficult task, not just in terms of efficient routing within complex company networks. Addressing challenges like process automation goes beyond what a standard solution can provide.
The feedback from our large enterprise customers is clear: to tackle new complexities, an intelligent and flexible approach is needed, especially when email communication moves to the cloud. Companies want more control over their incoming email traffic, ideally before emails are delivered to their internal infrastructure.

Retarus’ Predelivery Logic is our answer. This new service analyzes and optimizes emails based on client’s rules during their interaction with the Retarus Enterprise Cloud before they are forwarded to the client’s infrastructure. The result is maximum flexibility and nearly limitless combinations of options for implementation.

Predelivery Logic is offered as a self-service solution via the Retarus Enterprise Administration Services (EAS) Portal. You can create, edit, and prioritize rules in the portal’s editor at any time, all with full transparency. Retarus experts are always available upon request to consult with you about best practices for implementing rules.

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Retarus Email Continuity Service

Extensive usage options

Retarus’ Predelivery Logic goes far beyond the functionality of typical policy engines available in the market. Our solution offers user-dependent email routing to specific servers/locations within the company network or to subsidiaries, but goes an important step further: Predelivery Logic significantly supports the automation of critical business processes.
As an example, emails can be processed based on their content or language including their automated presorting into role-based inboxes. When an email arrives, it is routed—depending on its language or content—to the applicable servers or even directly to the responsible department within a company. Fully automated, rule-based processing of emails is also available—from rewriting addresses to adding key words (“tags”) to subject lines.

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The smart Predelivery Logic, more than just a policy engine

Retarus’ Predelivery Logic puts you in the driver’s seat with your emails. Retarus Predelivery Logic makes a dramatic contribution to essential business process automation through rules based on various characteristics. In this live webinar, Martin Mathlouthi, our Product Line Manager of the Secure Email Platform, will showcase the Predelivery Logic and present possible applications and use cases.

Retarus Predelivery Logic: Your benefits



Compatible with on-premises, hybrid, or cloud email infrastructures


New conditions and actions being added constantly


Faster processes = shorter response times = happier customers


State-of-the-art self-service portal in your browser

Channel partner benefit

Significant value-add compared to non-adaptable standard services

In good time

Pre-processing at the gateway level routes your emails to the right place from the start

Cloud service

No hardware, no software, always up to date


No administration, operation, nor maintenance costs


Fail-safe operation in German data centers


Multi-lingual hotline available 24/7/365, 3-shift coverage, SLA monitoring

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