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Welcome to a new dimension of email security. It’s time to reduce the risk of cyber attacks and protect your company from immense consequential costs.

E-Mail Security – Welcome to a new dimension

There is no such thing as 100% protection from cyber attacks. Attackers are becoming smarter and more selective all the time. Malicious software is particularly dangerous. Without any signatures, it cannot be picked up by scanners. These types of attacks cause massive damage to an IT infrastructure, even resulting in total system failure. Retarus has taken an innovative approach that focuses not only on protection, but also on retrospective identification of attacks. Now it is possible to respond quickly and prevent damage.

NEW! Patient Zero Detection

By utilizing Retarus Patient Zero Detection’s innovative technology in conjunction with Retarus’ multiple virus scanners, companies can rapidly detect new viruses and reliably protect their infrastructure from attacks. Retarus E-Mail Security’s filtering functions block emails known to be infected before they can find their way into the IT infrastructure. Retarus Patient Zero Detection additionally uses a digital fingerprint to also detect threats in previously-delivered emails.

Retarus Patient Zero Detection


It takes companies one week or longer to detect almost all cyber attacks.
Source: “Post Breach Boom”, 2013 (PDF)

Attacks detected after seven days cost almost four times that of those detected immediately.
Source: Kaspersky, 2016 (PDF)

Total of the average costs in USD incurred by large companies per cyber attack.
Source: Kaspersky, 2016 (PDF)

NEW: E-Mail Live Search

Picture the scenario …an important e-mail isn’t delivered or is placed in quarantine and you need to know why. Or perhaps you want to figure out which virus has infected a specific e-mail. E-Mail Live Search makes it much easier for you to search for errors like these. This intuitive search portal returns detailed results in real time and provides you with efficient support for troubleshooting and analysis. For each e-mail, you can track in precise detail the points at which various filters and rules were applied.


Get to know email from its best side

Retarus E-Mail Security enables you to reduce the burden on your communication. This gives your teams more time to concentrate on their core tasks. Individual settings ensure that the inboxes of your users and administrators only contain relevant emails. Easy-to-understand E-Mail Security reports compile all blocked spam messages and viruses at a glance. Meaningful statistics allow new insights and so provide a solid basis for future decisions. Are you ready to raise your productivity?

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Your benefits


Safeguard your business effectively against the loss or theft of sensitive and valuable company data. Retarus E-Mail Security blocks viruses, phishing attacks and spam even before they reach your network.


Ensure effective unburdening of your users and administrators. Retarus E-Mail Security reduces requests to your helpdesk due to its uncomplicated, easy-to-understand usability.


Enable company-wide compliance with internal and external guidelines. This also applies to international regulations, such as ITAR, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH, FINRA, PCI, FERPA or the EU Data Protection Directive.


React quickly to changing business conditions and parameters. With Retarus E-Mail Security, expanding companies can flexibly scale the number of their email accounts to meet current needs at all times. Without any additional effort.


Efficient use of email while maintaining the highest levels of security – Retarus E-Mail Security also provides protection for all mobile devices in your network independently of your work station computers.


Monitor all incoming and outgoing messages in real-time. Retarus E-Mail Security moreover allows you to administrate user profiles, service instances and add-on services more easily than ever.

International & individual

Discover which objectives companies are achieving around the world with Retarus E-Mail Security.

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This is how the international automobile supplier is improving the availability and performance of its email communication.

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Read here how one of the world’s most successful sports lifestyle companies sinks its teeth at spam and viruses.

How good is good enough for you

It’s time to find out. Compare the specific email security requirements at your company with the benefits offered by Retarus E-Mail Security. Which package suits your needs best?

Package comparison


Basic Advanced Premium
Directory Filter      
AntiVirus MultiScan 2x 2x 4x
Retarus AntiSpam      
Quarantine Management 14 days 30 days 30 days
TLS Connection      
Administration & Monitoring      
Access Management    
Attachment Blocker    
Large E-Mail Handling    
Directory Synchronization    
E-Mail Signature    
Data Leakage Prevention    
E-Mail Check  
E-Mail Size Reduction  
Inbox Assist  
E-Mail Quiet Time  
Patient Zero Detection     optional
Enterprise E-Mail Migration optional optional optional
E-Mail Encryption optional optional optional
Enterprise E-Mail Archive optional optional optional

Services, functions and details

You can find more details and technical specifications about Retarus E-Mail Security in our TechCenter.

Services and functions in detail

Retarus’ E-Mail Security services are extremely reliable and have excellent detection rates.

Kurt Walther, Director Global IT and Business Intelligence, Puma AG

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