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Retarus SMS for Applications Pick-up Notification by SMS

The Challenge

No matter whether it’s about a repaired car, warranty processing at an electronics retailer or fetching a new pair of glasses – these days customers would like to stay informed about the current status of ongoing jobs and orders both quickly and continuously, and to receive details about pick-up times in a timely manner. From the perspective of the companies, such pick-up notifications by sms should ideally be automatically sent from ordering systems already in use. At the same time it is particularly important for retailers that branch staff also have the option of sending text messages manually in special cases to get in touch with customers.

The Background

Handling warranty claims is always accompanied by a high amount of organizational effort for retailers. This is especially true in cases where a change from the original quote is involved. In such cases, the higher costs need to be authorized by customers separately before the company can go ahead and make the repairs. The dealer also has an interest in newly ordered goods being fetched and paid for without delay. Opticians, for instance, have the added challenge that picking up a new pair of glasses often also involves setting up an appointment for the customer to try the glasses on and have them adjusted if required. Working customers are especially difficult to get in touch with, so the communication is very complicated and eats up a huge amount of valuable human resource time.

The Solution

Communicating via enterprise text messages (i.e. SMS) is an obvious choice for pick-up notifications. Hardly any channels attract as much attention and ensure shorter response times. Short messages (e.g. pick-up notifications by SMS) are reliably delivered, even without Internet access or when using older mobile phones. Irrespective of the time of day, retailers can make contact with their customers significantly more efficiently than by spending huge amounts of precious time phoning around after them. With Retarus Enterprise SMS Services, information can be sent quickly and reliably by SMS from applications such as business software, e-mail clients, ERP or CRM systems, without having to invest in additional hardware or software. By connecting to numerous aggregators, the Retarus Enterprise Cloud covers virtually all mobile networks around the globe.

Customer Benefits

  • Faster processing of warranties
  • Optimized planning of appointments
  • Direct response possible
  • Unburdening retail branch staff
  • Optimized processing of orders
  • Closer relations with customers

Benefits at a Glance

SMS communication from business applications or email clients
High delivery rates around the globe through optimal routing
Virtually unlimited send and receive capacities
Maximum control through detailed reporting
Registration of phone numbers to receive SMS globally
Supports numerous APIs: REST, SOAP, HTTP (XML), SMPP or SMTP

Use Case – Retarus SMS for Applications

To send SMS directly from ERP or CRM systems, Retarus SMS for Applications uses existing interfaces of the program in question. Incoming SMS replies are also pushed straight back into the business applications. This allows customers to respond immediately to messages and, for instance, accept quoted prices or request an alternative delivery time. For this bi-directional communication, Retarus makes separate phone numbers available. If required, incoming messages can be tagged in the CRM system or linked up with an automated procedure for further processing based on, for example, keywords contained in the message.
Thanks to Retarus Mail2SMS, employees working in retail outlets can contact customers at any time using their existing email clients to send enterprise text messages (i.e. SMS). No additional training or software is required. Instead of the email address, the user simply needs to enter the phone number into the address field of the message. The actual SMS text follows in the subject line. Here too, the recipient can respond directly to the message. The reply SMS is then in turn delivered to the branch shop via email.

More information
By way of the web-based Retarus Enterprise Administration Services portal users have the opportunity to conveniently set up their own send and receive options in advance. On request, companies also receive automatic confirmation of the successful delivery of their messages, allowing them to track exactly when their transmitted messages passed through the Retarus infrastructure, when they were passed on to the mobile carriers or when they arrived at their recipients. By using Retarus Enterprise SMS Services retailers benefit from flexibly scalable transmission capacities and the highest levels of transaction security. All SMS transmission, moreover, takes place in accordance with the locally applicable data protection regulations.

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Did You Know?

The average SMS open rate is 98 percent. Around 90 percent of all short messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery.

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