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Technology and InfrastructureThe platform that is tailored to your business needs

Manage your digital communication through a central gateway. Regardless of the channel, format, interface or application. With minimal effort, maximum performance and the highest level of security. Welcome to the Retarus Global Delivery Network.

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Innovative strength behind the scenes

In order to meet your requirements, Retarus is constantly engaged in new development. The result is groundbreaking new products, which combine technical variety with expertise in a way which is unique around the globe. How do we do it? Alongside Retarus’ software DNA, a crucial prerequisite is Retarus’ proprietary IT infrastructure with extremely performant equipment. Here are a few examples:

Data Centers

In contrast to standard solutions, which often prove problematic in practice, Retarus offers you cloud-based managed services. Run from our own data centers around the whole world. Using our own hardware, multitenant software developed in-house, physical shielding and access control. Each of them autonomous and networked through private, encrypted and dedicated lines. Where else can you get this much performance and security?

Hyper Aggregation

Why just stick with one, when you can also have many? Retarus collaborates with a whole host of global aggregators to handle your SMS transmission. This is the only way to implement all of your special requirements. From international coverage to the perfect rendering of messages in all languages and characters, right through to reliable compliance with local regulations.

Carrier Grade Equipment

Retarus only makes use of equipment which meets the very highest demands for failsafety. One example of this are Sonus components, which are usually only employed by huge telecommunications network operators.

Network Operations Center

Take a guided tour of our impressive Network Operations Center at the Retarus headquarters. Here highly qualified specialists and experts manage and monitor your services. The result: Your services work exactly as you expect them to – without fail.

Local Data Processing:

Active Carrier Management

Using only one carrier does not allow you to fulfill the complex requirements posed by business communication. That’s why Retarus assembles the ideal combination of several TIER 1 carriers and numerous local network operators specifically for your needs. This creates your individual mix consisting of reliable availability, minimal delivery times, international network coverage, compliance with regional regulations and the ideal cost-benefit ratio.

Resilient Systems

It’s no coincidence that your business communication runs as planned with Retarus. The entire IT infrastructure is designed and set up for high availability and high load capacity. Should Retarus, for instance, need to send 10 million messages for you rather than the usual 10,000 – you will not even notice the difference.

Absolute transparency

At Retarus you always know the exact current state of your business communications. In addition to having your own personal service manager, you also receive comprehensive reports and monitoring options in the Enterprise Administration Services portal.


This term has two dimensions at Retarus. Firstly, a Green IT philosophy is lived out consistently at Retarus. At our Munich headquarters 100% of the power that we consume is obtained from certified hydroelectrical sources and the data center is cooled by means of groundwater, conserving valuable resources. Secondly, Retarus also takes great care in our dealings with customers to ensure that our business relationships are lasting. Several of them date back to 1992.

The human touch

The most impressive technical feature at Retarus is the human factor. Here companies and corporations find a hub of experts with accumulated messaging know-how, who support them continuously with innovative service ideas along with new software and service development. Such as Retarus’ NeverBusy Technology, which ensures an extraordinarily high dependability in the delivery of faxes.

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