Retarus achieves the Maximum Fax Success Rates, No Matter the Destination

Retarus achieves the Maximum Fax Success Rates, No Matter the Destination

In the past, sending a fax from point A to point B was a straightforward and dependable process that virtually anyone could handle. In today’s modern business landscape, complex workflows traverse huge networks that can span entire countries and continents. For occasional users, their faxing experience is relatively uniform. However, for anyone whose faxing is part of a critical business process, having to address a large number of recipients, reach a wider variety of disparate destinations, or is highly dependent on reliable delivery understands they need the right service partner to do so.

Telephony Progress at the Cost of Fax

The reason is technical progress. All providers have switched (or are in the final process of switching) their telephony networks to VoIP. This also affects fax which moves from classical Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM) T.30 to Fax over IP (FoIP) with either V.152 (T.30 in G.711 encoded voice packets via IP) or T.38. Long story short: there are many transcodings / conversions that must take place, since not every end user supports T.38 and is still using TDM along the path.

Since fax transmissions are very sensitive regarding timing, jitter and other factors create constant transmission challenges. Especially when sending faxes all over the world through a local carrier and on-premises solution. In general, IP networks often do not provide the same quality as TDM networks, resulting in lower possible fax transmission speeds and success rates. This means an increase in errors, more dropped calls, lower quality and more frustration for fax users.

What Retarus Does Differently

Since Retarus has offered mission critical, enterprise-level fax for the past 30 years, they are focused on constantly improving their technology stack and developing strategies and features to ensure the best possible success rates for their customers.

Today, Retarus provides various features which allow them to achieve one of the best overall success rates in the industry. To highlight a few:

  • State-of-the-art carrier grade equipment, which transcodes in-house, sends faxes using T.30 via G.711 audio codec, and still submits it into IP networks for best success.
    • This equipment also fully supports T.38 V3 (FoIP) if requested by the carrier or recipient.
  • Retarus interconnects to more than ten global telecommunication carriers in seven data centers around the world, all of which can be used for every fax product across all regions.
  • Retarus’ proprietary software stack supports all modern features like JBIG compression, ECM, V.34, automatic retries, never busy, and many more.

Since even all the above does not always guarantee success, Retarus’ engineers are highly trained and capable of rerouting traffic to different carriers, changing the modulation, reducing the speed, or disabling JBIG. All of this is possible for a single destination number or a whole country, depending on the customer’s needs.

Retarus know that for their customers, every single fax is critical and thus always go one step further to ensure perfect delivery – every time and everywhere.

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