More security for outgoing emails as well

More security for outgoing emails as well

The range of functions provided by the Retarus Secure Email Platform has been expanded to now offer additional control and security when sending out emails. This is especially beneficial for franchisors and other organizations at which large numbers of users are sending messages from multiple locations.

Cyber criminals often use compromised email accounts to hijack company names and domains, misusing them to send out spam and phishing messages. To prevent this, the Outbound AntiSpam Detection and Outbound Phishing Filter check outbound messages for spam content and malicious links. This effectively protects the sender’s reputation.

Through their new feature Outbound Recipient Restriction, Retarus additionally gives companies the opportunity to limit the maximum number of recipients for an outbound email. Using Outbound Size Restriction, the maximum size of attachments can also be restricted, for instance to curb file-sharing via email – thus minimizing the risk of data leakage or disclosure of business information.

For more details, please take a look at our recent press release.

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