Predelivery Logic: Rule-based Email Workflows and Policies from the Cloud

Predelivery Logic: Rule-based Email Workflows and Policies from the Cloud

Maintaining full control over the complex communication channel that is email, with all its intricacies, is becoming ever more challenging. Not only is high-performance routing required within complex company networks, but critical business issues such as process automation are also becoming increasingly difficult to cover by means of standardized solutions.

Email Routing: Enterprise Customers are Calling for More Control

These days, when we speak to our large enterprise customers in the course of ongoing projects, the feedback they give us leaves no doubt: Overcoming the challenges posed by this new complexity, requires an intelligent, flexible approach – especially for the (partial) migration of their email communication and security into the cloud. What’s more, companies are increasingly looking for ways in which they can have more control over incoming email traffic as early in the process as possible, ideally before the messages have even been delivered to the company’s own infrastructure. Once the email has already made it through to the company’s servers, applications or even inboxes, it may actually be too late to put many policies and guidelines into practice.

Configuration of flexible rules by IT managers

Retarus Predelivery Logic is our answer to this challenge. With this innovative new service, emails are already analyzed and optimized according to a set of customer rules when interacting with the Retarus Enterprise Cloud – even before they have been forwarded to the customer’s infrastructure. The Predelivery Logic service allows IT managers to control, organize, redirect or adapt all email traffic based on defined rule sets – each consisting of conditions and actions. This results in maximum flexibility and virtually unlimited ways of combining options with respect to the specific use scenario. In addition, it doesn’t matter at all whether the company is running its own email infrastructure on premises or as a cloud service. On the contrary, hybrid environments are where Predelivery Logic is often best able to show its full range of benefits.

Predelivery Logic is provided by way of self service via Retarus’ Enterprise Administration Services (EAS) portal. There, all rules can be entered, changed at any time, or prioritized transparently using an editor. Needless to say, Retarus’ experts are available, on request, to advise you on setting up rules and implementing policies at all times.

Workflow Automation: More than “just” a Policy Engine

With the Predelivery Logic service, Retarus goes far beyond what the market generally calls a “Policy Engine”, both in terms of scope and functions. While our service indeed offers user-based routing of emails to defined servers/locations within the company network or its subsidiaries, Retarus’ approach goes a whole lot further. Predelivery Logic additionally makes an important contribution to enabling the automation of critical business processes. For instance, the service makes it possible to specify how emails should be processed, based on their content or language. Potential use cases could include automatically pre-sorting messages sent to the contact center (i.e. to info@ or support@ addresses). Depending on the language or content of the email’s body text, as soon as emails are received, the Retarus Secure Email platform already routes the message to a server in the correct country organization or directly to the responsible department at the company. The service also enables fully automatic, rules-based email processing – from rewriting the email address to adding tags (keywords) to the subject line.

Availability and beta-testing

A fully cloud-based service, Predelivery Logic is an integrated component of the Retarus Secure Email platform. The service will officially be available from the beginning of August. Once again, our existing customers will be given the opportunity to participate in beta-testing and will automatically be receiving an invitation via email in the next few days.

Adding value for channel partners

Within our channel business, Predelivery Logic also opens up totally new options for all Retarus’ partners to contribute their own know-how and process expertise to customer projects in a targeted manner, by creating their own rule sets or processing and distributing emails from other business applications within their own portfolios. In this way, our partners also generate significant added value compared with selling standardized security services. You can find out more about Retarus’ partner program at

Enhanced security and Bounce & Response Manager

Building on this new technology, Retarus is also offering new services for our Email Security and Transactional Email customers. This includes the option of setting up their own security rules (e.g., in accordance with GeoIP) to optimize the email security service, as well as a highly effective Bounce and Response Manager for dealing comprehensively with inbound traffic, in combination with our Transactional Mail service. More details will soon follow in this blog.

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