Really quite smart, our Delivery Optimization

Really quite smart, our Delivery Optimization

A new, intelligent mechanism featured in Retarus Transactional Email provides a real-time safeguard to prevent your sending IPs or domains from being blocked or even ending up on a blacklist.

When transmitting a large volume of legitimate marketing or transactional emails, it might occur that the receiving MTA is unable to cope with the amount of incoming messages. If this is technically signaled to the Retraus Transactional Email service, our system automatically and dynamically reduces the throughput to levels that will not bring the receiving system to its knees. This prevents your sending server from landing up on a blacklist and being either temporarily or permanently unable to deliver any emails to that respective Internet Service Provider (and thus your recipients).

We call this “Smart Delivery Optimization”. This technology, which automatically adapts sending behavior to match the requirements of each respective internet and email service provider, augments our intelligent reputation management mechanisms and our CSA certification, which ensures whitelisting with large ISPs and technology partners.

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