Retarus Faxolution with Epic Integration

Retarus Faxolution with Epic Integration

Retarus, a leading provider of cloud fax and communications solutions, is now integrated with Epic – making it even easier for healthcare providers to send secure, confidential, HIPAA-compliant communications.

As healthcare enterprises adopt new technologies that support digital transformation, protecting patient data is a top concern. This is the reason why healthcare industry relies heavily on faxing and continues to use cloud fax for improving reliability, availability, and efficiency of fax communications.

Retarus Faxolution with Epic integration takes this one step further, seamlessly integrating patient electronic medical records (EMR) with a highly reliable global fax network. The Epic integration allows healthcare providers to securely transmit confidential information using a streamlined process that automates, verifies, and records data while improving regulatory compliance.

What is Epic?

The move to digitize patient health records is based on the benefits of digital records over paper-based systems, providing more complete, updated, and accurate records to coordinate patient care. Epic is the preferred system to digitize patient health records, used by nearly one-third of all healthcare providers and 58% of 500-bed or larger organizations.

Epic Integration with Retarus Faxolution

A certified integration between Retarus Faxolution and Epic means that Faxolution clients can send faxes directly from Epic, without the need for any additional software or APIs. This allows secure transmission of patient health information (PHI) using a streamlined process that boosts employee productivity and improves regulatory compliance.

How does the Epic integration work?

Faxes are initiated within Epic and transmitted using the Retarus Cloud Fax network. Delivery is confirmed automatically, completing the fax workflow without the need to switch between applications. Epic metadata is integrated into the Retarus platform, making it easy for administrators to generate reports for regulatory compliance. Moreover, the metadata can be used for analytics to improve organizational efficiency.

How to fax from Epic with Retarus Faxolution
And this is how faxing from Epic with Retarus works. Click to enlarge (opens in new tab).

Benefits of Retarus Faxolution with Epic integration:

  • Secure faxing with encryption during transmission and at rest
  • Customizable cover pages, personalized with Epic metadata and automatically barcoded for tracking and reporting
  • Global data centers with local processing for reliability and business continuity
  • HIPAA/HITECH compliance, SOCI/II, and PCI-DSS certification

Fax directly from Epic on the Retarus global network to improve the security of healthcare communications today.

Learn how to fax from Epic and more about HIPAA Compliant Fax on our website.

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