Retarus now top “Trail Blazer” in Radicati’s Market Quadrant

Retarus now top “Trail Blazer” in Radicati’s Market Quadrant

Owing to its innovative Email Security features, Advanced Threat Protection and Post Delivery Detection, Retarus has been recognized as a “Trail Blazer” by one of the leading analyst firms, which reviews emerging communication and collaborating technologies.

Radicati, in its latest “Secure Email Gateway – Market Quadrant 2019“, defines Trail Blazers as “vendors which offer advanced, best of breed technology in some areas of their solutions”. According to Radicati, Trail Blazers have the potential to disrupt their respective markets with new technologies or delivery models, therefore evolving into top players over time.

The report emphasizes how Retarus facilitates enterprise organizations with a multi-facetted range of services to fulfill their mission-critical business requirements. Additionally, Radicati highlights Retarus’ progressive portfolio of Email Security Services and the benefits it offers including Email Continuity, making it the only privately managed European organization to land a spot in this quadrant.

Email Continuity

In Radicati’s analysis, the Email Continuity Services recently launched by Retarus add a significant value for companies looking to implement a comprehensive cyber security strategy. Since email is the most essential communication channel for enterprises, followed by telephone and fax, it is crucial to avoid outages by all means.

Retarus’ Email Continuity Services enable this seamless flow of communication, even in the event of a customer’s email system failing due to cloud downtimes or data center outages. The service allows the impacted organizations to switch over flexibly and conveniently, to a platform running concurrently in the background at all times. In addition, Retarus’ Email Continuity Services fulfill all key criteria to enable successful disaster protection.

Eradicating the need for companies to spend a lot of time and effort starting up their own back-up email systems, Retarus allows the services to run independently of the technology utilized by the company, for instance Microsoft Exchange. Retarus offers this feature to companies of all sizes, and 120,000 users from an organization recently benefited from connecting to the system as part of a pilot program.

In addition, Radicati positively highlights the patented Post Delivery Protection “Patient Zero Detection”®, the Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) with Sandboxing, Deferred Delivery Scan, Time-of-Click Protection (URL Rewriting) and CxO Fraud Protection (Anti-Spoofing and -Spear-Phishing) as well as the flexible access management and encryption offered by Retarus Email Security.

Forensic features

The experts at Radicati also draw attention to the web-based Enterprise Administration Services portal, which provides Retarus’ customers with an opportunity to configure their own services more efficiently. Furthermore, Retarus offers the real-time search option, “Email Live Search”, including analysis and IT forensics functions, which the analysts describe as efficient and easy to use. Within the scope of this service, for instance, Retarus makes forensic data available in real time for the customer’s SIEM processes (Security Information and Event Management).

Free download

Radicati’s “Secure Email Gateway – Market Quadrant 2019” report, which   examines 12 other players in the email security market in addition to Retarus, is available for a free download.

The Radicati Group, founded in 1993, a year later than Retarus, is a technology market research firm mainly specialized in the email market. Emulating leading market analysts like Gartner and Forrester, Radicati specializes in offering sound, up-to-date figures and prognoses, particularly in the business email landscape.

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