Substantial Investment in the Internet of Things

Substantial Investment in the Internet of Things

IBM is investing 200 million dollars in their Watson IoT headquarters in Munich. As a business partner, the automotive and mechanical engineering supplier Schaeffler is in on the action.

Following “Big Blue’s” announcement in mid-December 2015 of its plans to set up international IoT headquarters, the company this week released figures detailing its investment in the new site. In the Highlight Towers located in the Parkstadt Schwabing district (Munich residents will be familiar with the two towers at the A9 exit), IBM aims to develop new IoT capabilities in the blockchain context and security, while working closely with selected customers to find out how Watson can gain new insights from billions of sensor data records, according to the recent press release.

IBM Watson IoT HQ Munich

Inofgraphic: IBM

An ever growing number of IBM’s customers are searching for new opportunities to redesign their processes using a combination of IoT technologies (Internet of Things) and artificial intelligence – although the term “machine learning” might actually be more appropriate – the IBM announcement goes on to say. According to IBM, 6000 international customers are currently utilizing “cognitive” Watson IoT solutions and services, whereas eight months ago the number only stood at 4000. Harriet Green, IBM’s Global Head of Watson IoT, in fact sees Germany “at the forefront of the Industry 4.0 initiative”.

Schaeffler has signed up for a strategic partnership with IBM over several years, which is intended to accelerate the digital transformation of all its business units and customer services, and utilize the data from millions of sensors on the internet to facilitate faster and more accurate decision-making. As an initial milestone, the partners have set up a digital platform, over which all Schaeffler’s data based services will be running from October on.

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