The Biggest Play in Healthcare: Retarus at HIMSS 2021

The Biggest Play in Healthcare: Retarus at HIMSS 2021

The game at hand is healthcare communication and Retarus went for the high score!

Retarus’ premium enterprise cloud messaging is perfect for the healthcare industry, and they showcased that at HIMSS 2021 this past week, August 9th to 13th, in Las Vegas. Whether it is fax, transactional email, or SMS – Retarus’ systems are built for the highest performance of real-time critical information delivery. Keeping up with the speed of business and compliance can be like chasing ghosts. Retarus’ fully scalable and secure solutions tailored for healthcare made it clear to customers like throughout the industry that they would never get lost in the maze.

Retarus highlighted their Enterprise Cloud as the efficient and effective solution to advance digital transformation. Client’s critical and sensitive PHI data, such as patient records and billing information, is safe with Retarus, thanks to their HIPAA compliance. Visitors to their booth quickly learned that Retarus’ suite of functionalities and security ensures they won’t need any extra lives.

Retarus “R:cade” drew a curious crowd throughout the entire week

Retarus’ world-class service delivery available around the globe is supported 24/7/365. It’s easy to operate ensuring business continuity and simplicity. Even for complex automated processes, Retarus has clients covered with native integrations throughout numerous systems, including with Epic. Prospects and customers alike realized that defeating the final boss could be as easy as sharing a pint.

Whether it was Retarus’ impressive product suite, world’s largest Pac-Man, or beer, everyone enjoyed their visit to the booth

In the complex healthcare landscape, Retarus is the Luigi to your Mario, the Ms. Pac-Man to your Pac-Man, the team that makes sure the critical messaging you need to send and receive gets delivered with exceptional security and speed. Thank you to all the attendees and vendors who helped make Retarus at HIMSS 2021 a game changer!

There is only one way to get to the top of the leaderboard and to be the best in the game. After their performance a HIMSS 2021, expect to see Retarus in that #1 spot.

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