United against COVID-19: Novid20 and Retarus

United against COVID-19: Novid20 and Retarus

Following their highly successful collaboration on past projects, the Austrian startup Novid20 and Retarus are pooling competencies in a new strategic partnership.

Novid20 develops specialized software solutions for testing strategies to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. The software was employed, for instance, to perform the “lollipop testing” (PCR pool tests) carried out at 3,300 Bavarian schools. In the course of this large-scale project, Novid20 was responsible for organizing 4 million tests every month.

Retarus has been supporting healthcare organizations in both the public and private sectors as a service provider with its Enterprise Messaging Platform for many years. In this way, the Munich-based company was also responsible for sending the Covid-19 test results to government agencies, health authorities, schools, and parents by way of fax, email and SMS for Novid20’s lollipop testing pilot project. Retarus already has the relevant expertise in such projects and knows all about providing GDPR-compliant services which can be integrated flexibly, are highly scalable and also fulfill sector-specific compliance requirements.

On May 24th, 2022, Novid20 CEO Christoph Tockner, PAC analyst Spencer Izard and our Senior Product Marketing Manager Sören Schulte gave practical insights into the close collaboration between the companies and their shared project experience in a live webinar: “Trust in the Digital World – Combining Performance and Data Protection in Enterprise Messaging”. The trio also discussed the importance of trust, security and reliability in the transmission of digital messages during the pandemic. The webinar was held in English.


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