Navigate the retail sea change with seamless communication from Retarus

Navigate the retail sea change with seamless communication from Retarus

In the dynamic world of retail, communication is all-important. It plays a crucial role in dictating the success a business achieves. But how can companies ensure that communication remains smooth, efficient and secure? Retarus’ cloud services are specifically geared towards the needs of the retail sector.

Successful customer communication

Emails are the gold standard when it comes to customer communication in retail – whether it’s used to confirm orders, send invoices or share delivery details. Provided they actually reach the customer, of course. The sophisticated Reputation Management offered by Retarus Transactional Email ensures that messages are placed in inboxes rather than ending up in spam folders. In this way, you can be sure that your critical customer messages are indeed being read and your customer service operates smoothly.

Achieving the perfect customer experience

In click-and-collect procedures, for instance, customers order the items online but would like to fetch them from the store. Thanks to Retarus, these processes run like clockwork. As soon as the order has been placed, the customer immediately receives an automated order confirmation from the retailer’s online shop software via the Retarus platform by way of email. Another message is subsequently sent to notify the customer when the ordered goods will be ready for pickup.

Notification deleted? No problem

Especially when you’re out and about, communicating from your smartphone, you may easily happen to delete a transactional email unintentionally. However, this doesn’t mean that the order needs to be placed again: Using Retarus Trace & Recover, a customer service agent can swiftly find a notification that has already been sent in the system and resend it with just one click.

SMS messages are always read, faxes don’t need a PC to arrive

Naturally, for certain scenarios a text message or fax may be the preferred medium. Pickup notifications sent via SMS also reach mobile phones without internet, while orders sent by fax are available to employees working in retail stores, where a PC may not be close at hand. And a fax containing information about a current product recall can immediately be placed at the shop entrance or checkout, where it is perfectly visible to all customers. By the way, Retarus WebExpress can even address recipients from a mixed distribution list containing email addresses, cell phone numbers and fax numbers in just one transmission job.

Secure, reliable and highly available

Using Retarus’ cloud services, communication activities are conducted securely and efficiently. 100 percent GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified, Retarus provides enterprise-level email and messaging services from its own redundant data centers in Germany. To protect themselves from outages involving their own email infrastructures, our customers can additionally safeguard themselves with Retarus Email Continuity, which guarantees the company is still available for its customers and suppliers should disaster strike.

In conclusion

Retarus isn’t simply just another service provider – Retarus is your dependable partner for effective, secure communication in the retail sector and always personally available for its customers. No matter whether it’s click & collect, communication security or continuity you require, Retarus has the solutions to take retailers to the next level.

Find out more on our website or directly from your local Retarus representative.

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