Retarus Cloud Services for Desktops & Devices

Experience the seamless flow of information with your business partners. With fully scalable fax and SMS communication directly from and to your email client or windows applications.

Always professional – as accustomed

Send and receive fax and SMS now via Retarus’ cloud-based infrastructure – directly from or to your desktop and mobile devices, and without making any changes to your usual applications or procedures. Are you ready for the highest levels of professionalism with the least amount of effort?


By using various aggregators, Retarus’ infrastructure reaches more than 99 percent of all mobile networks around the globe.

You need a quick solution? In such cases, Retarus can organize your implementation within four hours.


Delivery rates of up to 100% for fax transmission due to our NeverBusy technology.

Cloud Fax: Change over now for more efficiency

Whether you are sending individual faxes or large-scale marketing campaigns – you have never communicated this quickly and easily with customers, suppliers or branch offices. Simply and directly from your desktop. Retarus Cloud Services for Desktops & Devices are implemented seamlessly into your email client and office applications, such as Microsoft Word. Even huge or mixed distribution lists containing fax numbers and email addresses are no longer a source of disquiet or stress. Are you ready for the future?

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There and back – the whole world via SMS

Send SMS now directly from your email client – without having to invest in a dedicated server, software or gateways. Retarus’ infrastructure reliably delivers your messages via numerous aggregators to 99% of all mobile networks around the globe. You can also easily configure the possibility for recipients to respond to messages, should you so require. In short: You achieve the maximum with the least amount of effort. All that you need is Retarus Cloud Services for Desktops & Devices.

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Your benefits


Boost your success rates internationally. For instance, by consistently complying with local regulations for delivering SMS.


Take control of your communication. Real-time monitoring, detailed reports and numerous analysis functions in the Enterprise Administration Services portal keep you informed at all times.


Eliminate over or under capacities right now. The “pay per use” billing model is always perfectly aligned with your needs.


Consolidate your IT infrastructure. With Retarus you save on the cost of your own fax servers or SMS infrastructure.


With Retarus you can rely on Cloud Services which fulfill your special requirements. Because the very best communication solutions adapt themselves to your processes. Not vice versa.


Enjoy the ease with which you can use our services. Retarus Cloud Services for Desktops & Devices can allow you to address and personalize messages with remarkably little effort.

International & individual

Discover which objectives companies are achieving around the world with Retarus Cloud Services for Desktops & Devices.

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Fax and SMS from a single source. Why the association is using Retarus’ highly available cloud Services.

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Take a look at how the “assistance” correspondence flows smoothly at the market-leading car rental enterprise.

How good is good enough for you?

It’s time to find out. Compare the specific requirements for the flow of information at your business with the benefits offered by Retarus Cloud Services for Desktops & Devices. Here you have a checklist with the most important points.

Cloud Fax Services for Desktops & Devices
  • Perfect integration into all email clients and office environments
  • Connection with the Retarus Fax Cloud, no server required
  • Perfectly suited for the changeover to Voice over IP (VoIP) or All-IP
  • Up to 100% delivery rates for fax delivery due to NeverBusy technology
  • Digital fax reception directly in the email inbox
  • PCI-DSS certified, HIPPA compliant, BAFIN conformant
  • Short and long term archiving of fax communication
  • Maximum control through real-time monitoring, reporting and analyses
  • Sensible billing which supports cost centers (pay per use)
  • Provision of new numbers and porting of existing numbers all around the world
Cloud SMS Services for Desktops & Devices
  • SMS transmission from virtually any email clients or applications
  • No dedicated SMS Gateways or GSM Modems required
  • Hyper Aggregation: reaches 99% of all mobile networks
  • Optimization of delivery rates through country-specific sender ID
  • Fulfills regional requirements for international SMS delivery
  • Procurement of short and long codes around the globe
  • Two-way SMS: bi-directional SMS communication
  • Transmission of long SMS messages with up to 10,000 characters
  • No limitation in the choice of mobile networks
  • Unicode support for all known scripts

Services, functions and details

You can find more details and technical specifications about Retarus Cloud Services for Desktops & Devices in our TechCenter.

Retarus Email-to-Fax has not only saved us valuable time, but it also provides us with a fast and reliable way to communicate with our partners and insurance companies.

Stefan Bode, Director Information Technology, Avis SAP Customer Service Center

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