A closer eye on harmful emails: New email digest enhances user awareness

A closer eye on harmful emails: New email digest enhances user awareness

With the Retarus Email Security Report (also known as “email digest”), we regularly provide all Retarus Email Security end users with a transparent overview of their mailbox’s filtered messages. A completely revamped and improved version of these email notifications is now available.

What’s new?

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  • User Awareness: More precise, easily understandable information for any user

    As with the recent changes to our online glossary, our main focus is increasing clarity and responding to feedback from our customers. Each reason for filtering is now explained even more precisely. In this way, users are provided with more understandable background information on the potential risk posed by each message blocked. Threats are clearly and explicitly displayed in a separate category, ensuring that they stand out more distinctly from messages that were filtered out due to self-configured rules.
  • Multilingual: Available in eleven languages

    For us, providing all users with the best possible information and education also means addressing them in their native languages whenever possible. For this reason, the new email notifications will be available in eleven languages. In addition to English, these languages include Dutch, French, German, Italian, Malay, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Spanish and Thai. From the end of September, the same will also apply to the browser-based Online Quarantine for end users.
  • Improved overview: New structure and intuitive layout

    The visual appearance and structure of notifications have also been completely redesigned. For instance, the “Threat Level” of each message now follows an intuitive color scheme, already well known to users from their personal “Online Quarantine”. The new layout allows users to see at a glance, amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday work, which classification triggered the filtering. Additionally, mobile rendering was further optimized to ensure the best user experience on all devices.

Available at no additional cost

Like many other newly developed options and innovations, these new functions are available to all Retarus Email Security customers with immediate effect and at no additional cost. Retarus continuously develops its services and regularly provides new add-ons, options and enhancements to ensure that companies and their employees enjoy the best possible protection from the latest attack patterns while also improving user awareness and education – at the same time maintaining price stability, in line with our transparent, easily calculable pricing structure.

Detailed information for Retarus customers

As an administrator, you will find everything you need to know to activate the new template for all your users in the “Admin Docu Email Security” under item “8. Digest Settings”. We have additionally compiled more detailed information for end users in the comprehensive user guide “User Docu Email Security Quarantine”, which is also available for download in several languages from the Retarus EAS admin portal.

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