Fax Cloudification Happens in Europe – Mass Rollout for ABB Germany

Fax Cloudification Happens in Europe – Mass Rollout for ABB Germany

In the last decade, cloudification has become a popular term in strategy meetings and company reports. In Europe, the trend to jump to the cloud is becoming more and more adoptable and necessary as enterprises realize the benefit of moving away from on-premise infrastructure, which is becoming ever more expensive and harder to maintain.

In the field of enterprise messaging, legacy systems and servers are seen as a dead weight that keeps organizations from scaling up. On top of this, the increasing security and compliance standards in different jurisdictions, pose a great challenge for companies who need to adhere to rigorous frameworks to safeguard their data and the one from their customers.

Orchestrating a migration to the cloud is not always an easy endeavour, however, having a well-prepared journey, clear requirements and a team of excellent cloud professionals on your side is the key ingredient to a smooth transition.

A great example of a well-implemented migration happened early this year, when Retarus helped ABB Germany, a leading and well-recognized technology company, to carry out an ambitious project with the goal of replacing their fax servers on-premise and upgrading their SMS service.

Back then, ABB was sending fax and SMS through three productive SAP systems and workstation computers. Their on-premise infrastructure was outdated and maintenance-heavy, which derived high costs and required intensive staff efforts to keep their servers and software up-to-date.

In order to get rid of these burdens, ABB had clear requirements in mind. They wanted a future-proof, scalable and highly secure solution that could seamlessly interact with their SAP system and Microsoft Office 365. They needed a service that could ensure reliable, and undisrupted fax and SMS communications around the world keeping it within their own corporate all-IP environment. 

At the same time, the company wanted to optimize operating expenses so keeping efforts and costs for maintenance and licenses to a minimum was a ‘must’.

If you want to learn more details about how Retarus fulfilled ABB requirements while improving their existing Fax and SMS set ups, check out the full customer story.

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