Football and Email Security: How Do They Relate to You and Your Company?

Football and Email Security: How Do They Relate to You and Your Company?

Episode 1

The football transfer window is in its final weeks; last minute decisions are being made and naturally, anxiety is peaking. As it can be expected, sometimes people get sloppy and make mistakes. A small lapse in document handling and security can mean a big opportunity for hackers, cyber criminals, and those with malicious intent. All it takes is one email breach for chaos to ensue.

A high prospect player is being tracked by a team, looking to negotiate their transfer. That player moving to a new team means big money for all involved. As a result, not only managers, club owners, agents, and supporters are on alert, but so are cyber criminals. Without the proper digital security measures in place, documents that detail the terms of the player negotiations and other highly confidential information could be accessible to hackers.

With that data in the wrong hands, huge ransoms can be demanded from the criminals who now possess it. That spells disaster for the team trying to acquire the player. The transfer could be delayed beyond the acceptable timeframe and that player may never make it to the new team!

What if there was a service that streamlined workflows and increased security measures?

The Truth Behind The Fiction

According to the CITY.A.M publication, the “transfer window” is the time of the year where football clubs are more susceptible to be hacked. The talkSPORT publication mentions a case involving the UK National Cyber Security Center (NCSC), who reported that the email of a Premier League club’s managing director was hacked during a transfer negotiation.

Attackers usually follow the money, aware that the transfer window is the most intense time of the year regarding money and private information being shared.

The threat of cyber crime is not only valid for football, but for every industry and company. Every business has had the experience of being under pressure to get things done quickly. Often, the more time pressure employees face, the less they think about security. It sometimes may be the case that companies have cumbersome layers of security that make workflows less efficient.

How many times have you thought that your company’s cyber-security measures were making things more difficult?

What if there was a service that streamlined workflows as well as increased security measures? A better email protection will minimize and avoid potential threats during the most critical time periods… 

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To be continued …



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