Healthcare entering a new era

Healthcare entering a new era

The current crisis triggered by an ongoing global pandemic and exacerbated by rapidly rising inflation, energy shortages and dramatic geopolitical tensions poses huge challenges for organizations and processes in the healthcare sector. And just at a time when many people are wondering what in the world they can actually still be certain about.

The cost pressure is enormous in healthcare, driven by inflation at its highest level since the 1970s and with the industry facing the prospect of more price hikes.

As a result, the risks associated with profitability and the general availability of healthcare services are incalculable. At the same time, there are opportunities for fast, wide-ranging innovations to improve the imbalances in the healthcare sector.

The changes digitalization is ushering in at clinics, labs and doctor’s practices are providing added benefits. They can raise the quality of care and cost efficiency, optimize working procedures for healthcare staff and consequently improve the treatment of patients appreciably. 

Higher productivity and more cost efficiency with Retarus Cloud Fax

Every day, a huge amount of critically important documents are exchanged between doctors, patients, labs, pharmacies and other healthcare providers as well as health insurance companies. These documents are often urgent and confidential. Fax is the undisputed de facto standard in the healthcare sector, when it comes to delivering patient records, diagnostic reports and therapeutic measures reliably. Fax remains omnipresent in medical facilities. Bearing this in mind, digital fax enables organizations in the healthcare sector to migrate directly to paperless data processing and automate workflows. 

Against the current backdrop of rising cost pressure, operating their own fax server infrastructure at great expense is certainly not a good solution for those in the healthcare sector – especially when the existing fax servers are outdated, and costly new investment is inevitable. However, there are better alternatives, from both an economic and a technical perspective:

Retarus’ Cloud Fax enables paperless fax communication, while also offering full cost transparency thanks to its pay-per-use billing model. Moreover, in contrast to running its own fax server on site, an organization doesn’t need to continually invest in hardware and software. In addition, the company is no longer required to pour money into its telecommunication infrastructure, disaster recovery or contingency plans, and expanding capacity. For more cost benefits provided by Retarus’ Cloud Fax solution compared with self-run fax servers, please click here.

Retarus Cloud Fax offers enormous cost-saving potential – combined with the high security and compliance standards service providers in the healthcare sector can expect from an enterprise-level solution. Learn more about secure healthcare communications with Retarus.

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