New in E-Mail for Applications: Swagger, Live Monitoring, Spam Score Check via Mail

New in E-Mail for Applications: Swagger, Live Monitoring, Spam Score Check via Mail

Our developers have been hard at work improving Retarus E-Mail for Applications over the past few months by integrating a host of valuable new features.

The programming interface for connecting via REST/JSON is now available in a version that conforms to swagger specifications. Swagger, lately also known as OpenAPI, is a set of specifications that define machine-readable interface files for describing, producing, consuming and visualizing RESTful web services.

The swagger version of the API will soon be accessible via our EAS portal (Enterprise Administration Services). There you will also find the initial development stage of the E-Mail for Applications live monitoring service. This option gives appropriately authorized staff at our customers the opportunity to track the current performance of their campaigns, practically in real time.

E-Mail for Applications Live Monitoring in EAS

Last, but not least, even prior to sending an email you can now already check with which degree of probability it may be marked as spam. All that you need to do is send a preliminary version of the email to a special testing address, after which the spam score will be determined and returned by email.

With Retarus Email for Applications you send large volumes of email straight from your business applications by way of Retarus’ Global Delivery Network. You can find out more on our website or directly from your local Retarus representative.


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