Twilio discontinuing Programmable Fax December 2021

Twilio discontinuing Programmable Fax December 2021

Twilio will no longer offer their REST API fax solution, Programmable Fax, beginning December 17th 2021. As a result, all fax API calls will fail after that date.

Twilio created their Programmable Fax solution to allow the convenient sending and receiving of faxes via REST API. Per their recent article, “Providing a reliable and secure global fax solution is resource-intensive. As we weighed priorities for 2021 and beyond, we made the difficult decision to disable access to Programmable Fax for any existing accounts by December 17, 2021.”

It is true that providing a reliable and secure global fax solution is demanding and resource-intensive, requiring constant infrastructure management and maintenance. That is why Retarus continues to invest in their enterprise cloud fax solutions.

Fax is not an afterthought for Retarus. It is a priority. Retarus ensures the upmost deliverability and support so that their clients’ business critical processes always remain effective. Even though companies like Twilio are phasing out faxing capabilities, clients around the world still need reliable and secure, digital fax. Thankfully, Retarus has got you covered.

Retarus’ innovative Cloud Fax Services digitize analog business processes, simplifying and optimizing sustainable workflows. The Retarus Enterprise Cloud is not only essential to the migration to an all-IP infrastructure, but also makes faxing more efficient, enhances productivity, and ensures end-to-end security. Retarus knows that fax is still a priority for a lot of businesses around the world. That is why fax remains important to Retarus.

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