With EDI, support makes all the difference

With EDI, support makes all the difference

The EDI support team at Retarus operates out of several locations and has grown organically to meet our customers’ dynamic requirements. They provide much more than conventional support – in fact, the colleagues act more like dedicated contact persons for our customers.

The support team aspires to find a technically sound solution to every issue within a very short time, because in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) there is virtually no such thing as a standard question.

Features of top-class EDI support

Only with highly effective EDI support can companies transmit business-critical data seamlessly and without errors. Customers leverage EDI to reduce costs, accelerate processes and gain real-time insight into their business. In the process, they frequently run into challenges such as process changes, new or updated standards, communication problems with business partners or technical issues. In such cases, reliable support plays a vital role in minimizing the impact on ongoing business operations.

The quality of an EDI provider can be gleaned from a range of attributes. In addition to speed of implementation and sector-specific expertise, factors such as reliability, personalized support and data security are critically important. An excellent service provider not only understands the customer’s technical workflows, but also their business processes. It offers tailor-made solutions and helps the customer to overcome challenges.

Mastering challenges and implementing solutions

Choosing an EDI provider is a strategic decision. Any gaps in support for standards, certificates or compliance should set the alarm bells ringing. What’s more, a dependable provider offers tiered service level agreements (SLAs) and individual, personalized support which is tailored to meet the customer’s needs. Even first level support from a call center abroad according to a preset formula should be considered a no go. We speak the languages of our customers and are located in Munich, Erfurt and Timişoara – not in some call center on the other side of the globe.

Highly focused on the task at hand: EDI support staff in Timişoara. Photos: Bianca Mot

At Retarus, each EDI customer is assigned their own dedicated contact person, who is also responsible for developing solutions to meet customer-specific requirements.

What sets Retarus support apart?

The support team at Retarus is much more than just a service provider for technical problems. It also ensures business continuity in the EDI environment. In addition to monitoring the service, the team facilitates reliable communication with the partners connected with our customers via EDI. This is essential, for instance, when it comes to complicated tasks like handling the certificates required for secure, modern communication. And should a customer experience any disruption to the service, Retarus ensures that all data is forwarded to the recipient without delay once the technical problem has been resolved.

Our customers receive easily comprehensible error messages from Retarus support, along with unambiguous recommended actions. They are not overwhelmed with technical details, but can rely on us to reduce the complexity for them. This practically rules out a technical misinterpretation on the side of the customer.

Our EDI support is available for our customers around the clock, 365 days a year. With the Retarus Gold SLA, customers can even secure an error management package, including prioritized intervention.

EDI support indispensable, now and in future

Communication with government agencies and B2B partners via EDI is increasingly regulated and mandatory for a growing number of processes – see e-invoicing for more details. At the same time, a growing number of companies are responding to the shortage of skilled workers in the EDI field by moving over to cloud services. Businesses need to prepare themselves for the future now, by opting for an innovative provider with support that meets the most exacting requirements.

Retarus and EDI – a success story

With our express implementation, Retarus offers companies the opportunity to benefit from EDI integration quickly and efficiently. Our impressive track record speaks for itself, because we understand our customers’ specific requirements and offer tailored support at the highest level.

If you would like to find out more about our services, simply get in touch with your local Retarus representative.


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